Pushover Analysis Using STAAD.Pro

2.0 Using Pushover Analysis This section details using a pushover analysis in the STAAD.Pro graphical environment. An advanced analysis module license is required to access this feature. 2.1 To define general pushover data Delete this text and replace it with your own content. Select Commands > Loading > Definitions > Pushover. The Create New Definitions / Load … Read more

Pushover Analysis

1.1 What is a Pushover Analysis? Pushover analysis is a static, nonlinear procedure using a simplified, nonlinear technique to estimate seismic structural deformations. It is an incremental static analysis that is used to determine the force-displacement relationship – or the capacity curve – for a structure or structural element. The analysis involves applying horizontal loads, … Read more

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The durability of pile foundations

In all situations, consideration must be given to the possibility of the deterioration of piled foundations due to aggressive substances in soils, in rocks, in ground-waters, in the sea and in river waters. Piles in a river or marine structures are also exposed to potentially aggressive conditions in the atmosphere, and they may be subjected to abrasion from shifting sand or shingle, or damage from floating ice or driftwood. In considering schemes for protecting piles against deterioration due to these influences, the main requirement is for detailed information at the site investigation stage on the environmental conditions. In particular, adequate information is required on the range of fluctuation of river or sea levels and of the groundwater table. In the latter case, the highest levels are required when considering the likely severity of sulphate attack on concrete piles or the corrosion of steel piles, and the lowest possible levels are of considerable importance in relation to the decay of timber piles

List of Civil Engineering Consultant

Civil Engineering Consultant

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