Recommendation of Pile Foundation (IRC 78-2014)

The construction of pile foundation requires a careful choice of piling system depending upon subsoil condition and load characteristics of the structure. The permissible limits of total and differentials settlement, unsupported length of the pile under scour and any other special requirements of the project are also equally important criteria for adoption. For piles in … Read more

Important Guidelines To Design A Pile Foundation

Allowable Load— The load which may be applied to a pile after taking into account its ultimate load capacity, group effect, the allowable settlement, negative skin friction and other relevant loading conditions. Bored Cast In-situ Pile — A pile formed by boring a hole in the ground by a percussive or rotary method with the … Read more

Best Software for Base Plate Design

A professional tool is available for Design Of Steel Base Plate considering all of the mentioned factors in the design of Base Plate. This tool is ColumnBase software. ColumnBase is integrated 3D Finite Element Software for Analysis & Design of Steel Base Plate Connections.

What is the pile foundation?

The pile is a structural member that is made of either concrete, timber or steel. It is a small diameter column, which is driven or cast into the ground up to suitable depth. They are used to construct a foundation, which is deep and of course which cost more than shallow foundations.  Pile foundation is … Read more