How can you tell what platform a website is built on

If you want to know the information about your WordPress websites, then follow this step below: 1. Go to this website isitwp. Here you will find out WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins etc.  2. Click on the image below, which will show you all the plugin used on any website.  

Open Short Link In Amazon App


How to open a short link in amazon app? Some short links are open directly through the web browser. Some e-commerce app cannot recognise these links. Here is your solution to open those links in Amazon or Flipkart app. Step 1 Touch the link. Let open this link in your default browser.  Step 2 Touch … Read more

Permissible Differential Settlements

Permissible Differential Settlements and Tilt (Angular Distortion) for Shallow Foundation in Soil (As Per IS 1904- 1986) SL. NO. Type of Structure Sand & Hard Clay Plastic Clay Max. Settlement Differential Settlement Angular Distortion Max Settlement Differential Settlement Angular Distortion 1 For steel structure 50 0.0033*L 1/300 50 0.0033*L 1/300 2 For reinforced concrete Structure … Read more